Give Your Dog the Healthiest Dog Food

We all love our dogs, there is no doubt about that. As far as I’m concerned, the only negative thing about dogs is they don’t live long enough. Wouldn’t it be nice though if we could do something to help them live longer?

The fact is we can, and providing them with the healthiest dog food possible can help achieve this goal. Dogs were not meant to have such short lifespans as they do nowadays. They should be living far longer! The secret is to avoid things that can shorten their lifespans like over-vaccination, toxins (like topical flea preparations), and questionable ingredients in low-quality dog foods.

I’ve owned dogs my entire life – there has never been a time in my life when I have not had at least one dog, usually more. At this time I have 5. I’ve had as many as 8. In the past I have lost dogs to cancer and kidney failure, but this was before I discovered how bad the low-quality dog foods were and what harm they were doing to my dogs. I actually thought at the time that I was feeding a quality food!

This site will provide reviews of commercial dog food and other dog-related information products pertaining to to the health of our canine friends. Hopefully it will lead people to select the best foods possible to ensure our dogs are with us for many more years.

I recommend everyone check out The Complete Dog Food & Nutrition Guide for some more great info including surprising information about the ingredients in a lot of commercial dogs foods, plus how to read and understand some of the misleading labels on dog food packages.

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    Thanks for writing for dog foods, it is really very important to select the right foods for our dogs.

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