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IQAir Coupon Code: May 2020 10+ Coupons Available – Get them now

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$499.99 for IQAir HealthPro Plus Replacement Filter Pack

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Shop Now Your Favorite Air Purifier Product

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Discount Offer: Check out Best Smoke Air Purifier

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Best IQAir Coupon Code HEPA Air Purifier

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Iqair coupon codeAbout IQAir:

In the past 50 years time, the Swiss IQAir in the field of air purification has been a world leader. Switzerland IQAir company by Manfred Hammes Klause Hammes brothers and co-founder. In 1963, in order to find the best method for removing pollutants in the air, they travel around the world, with a high degree of enthusiasm founded the first company to specialize in the field of indoor air purification company. Based on the never-ending pursuit of perfection, so a lot of advanced technology in the birth of their R & D center in Switzerland. At that time, most of the time they used to develop clean technologies for processing high-end hospitals and laboratories.

IQAir in Switzerland in recent years, the company’s marketing strategy has changed, will focus more on the domestic consumer market, providing the public with better, more efficient air purifier. Past, people can only choose some of the performance and quality of low-end there is considerable doubt air purification products. In 1998, the Swiss company’s IQAir AG HealthPro series of air purifier successfully listed, born from the beginning, has become the leader in the field of air purification. HealthPro series has become “0” particles lose wind model. IQAir Swiss company’s air purifier to protect people from the air of respirable particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, odors and harmful chemicals and other aspects than other air purification products better.

Testing of filters:

Its most popular HealthPro 250 air purifier has been tested and verified to not less than 0.3 micron particle removal efficiency of the machine up to 99.97%, greater than or equal to 0.003 micron fine particles overall removal efficiency of up to 99.5% – than these particles Common PM2.5 size should be smaller than 800 times. Moreover, the company guarantees HealthPro Series products provide near-perfect clean air for you, the whole purification efficiency will not be affected by duration of use filters growth brought.

Today, Switzerland IQAir company is still a family-owned business. All over the world-renowned hospitals, laboratories and home users, and the use of trust with IQAir company’s air purification products. IQAir Swiss company prides itself in many aspects from design and development to manufacturing and marketing channels. Additionally, IQAir Swiss company is scrutinized by the dealers of the powerful marketing network in the world, and will better ensure 100% Swiss made HealthPro air purifier air quality to every high quality requirements customers. Because we know that a safe and healthy indoor air quality is critical to your health. IQAir AG Swiss company’s HealthPro air purifier is your home, the only choice for office!

Types of filters:

There are two sections of filters one is Commercial Air Purifiers and second is Residential Air Purifiers. You can find any type of purifier according to your requirements and specifications from these two sections. Moreover, the company has joined hands in partnership with firm like “American Lung Association” which shares the similar idea to keep the air clean and make the global free from air borne maladies.

Iqair coupon code The Company expresses zero delivery charges on the items delivered to any region. At present, it is providing following products such as Handheld laser particle counters, HVAC-based air cleaning systems, large commercial air cleaning systems, Portable room air purifiers.

Additionally, the firm promises timely filter replacements, air cleaning verification, air quality evaluations and installation services. Moreover, it is successfully handling international projects for home, schools, hospitals and other commercial places in an unproblematic manner. By taking the essential responsibility of numerous lives in their hands, they are handling each and every problem with greater levels of productivity.

Certified Performance

The company IQAir separately examines each air purifier to assure that the performance of product meets to strict specifications. This makes it possible to ensure the best possible quality for each product. All the outcomes of the tests are comprehensive in a hand-signed Certificate of Performance, which delivers with every room air purifier product. So, the performance of the company can be considered safe and certified for usage every time without any doubt.

Advanced Controls

In every room air purifier product of IQair is featured with six fan speeds and it allows you to set the program system for automatic operation through a day or night timer option. So, you can operate and control the air purifier using a sleek remote control from the comfort of your couch.

Molecular Control

To remove pollution particles such as allergens and dust, it is highly recommend to choose IQAir models.  These IQAir models are highly effective in removing molecular air pollutants, such as unpleasant odors, gaseous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Timeless Design

The IQair follows an European design tradition. It features a bold, yet timeless design. That adjusts gorgeously to any home, whether contemporary, modern or traditional. So, just expect the best from this company.

Customers Return Policy:

The first step: the customer does not buy the machine out of the box
• customer buying a new machine, not to use out of the box, packaging intact, the company can accept returns, do not charge a restocking fee.
Step Two: After customers buy the machine has been out of the box
• customer purchases a new machine, from inside the box but the packaging is intact, date of purchase, the customer may return a month, (invoice must be returned with the original packaging), the company will charge 15% of the purchase price of the machine as a restocking fee. So, the customers who have bought the machine and face no quality issues for 1 month, the company does not accept returns. But provide service warranty period to them.

Note: If the product is broken or missing anything, then we can not accept returns!


IQAir Official Social Media Pages

IQAir Official Facebook Page

As the company is providing services all around the world, there are lots of Facebook pages under the name of firm. However, two Facebook pages are most active. We would recommend you to join official page of firm right away and start connecting to other clients who are already using the items. Start discussions with experts about air cleaning products and the issues faced at commercial and domestic levels.

To join official page click on “Facebook

IQAir Official Google+ Page

Join now official IQair G+ business page to get access of images and information about the newest technology utilized in the air purifiers products. keep learning about the air borne diseases and company by connecting yourself online with the experts. So, get some knowledge, why the purifiers are necessary and what things should be kept in mind after its installation

To join official page click on “Google+ Page”.

IQAir Official LinkedIn Page

Connecting with global organizations has become easier now on LinkedIn. You can get connected with

To Join Official Page Click on “LinkedIn Page

IQAir Official Twitter Page

To keep yourself updated with new inventions and trends of IQair Company. Link yourself with the company on Twitter and chat several issues related to the atmosphere. Who knows, the negotiations might trigger an idea for a better technology providing to your requirements and eliminate impurities from air without cooperating other features of the environment. So, just get in touch and see if you can contribute in any way.

To Join Official Page Click on “Twitter

IQAir Official YouTube Page

Indulge yourself in learning more about the organization through YouTube channel. The recorded Videos describe the device of the purifiers and keep you updated about the new tools used.

To Subscribe Official Channel Click on “YouTube Channel


Contact Information of


IQAir, North America, 14351 Firestone Blvd La Mirada,

CA 90638


Telephone Number:

+1 (877) 715-4247

Fax Number:

+1 (562) 903-7601

You can submit your quiries using Contact Form:

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