Sensitive Dog Food

Is Sensitive Dog Food Right for Your Dog?

Before switching to a hypoallergenic or sensitive dog food you first need to determine which bracket your dog falls into. Do not confuse a fussy dog with a sensitive dog.

Does your dog display any of the following, common problems*:

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Dull coat
  • Regular bouts of diarrhoea
  • Regular bouts of sickness
  • Excessive flatulence

These problems are common in dogs, with many owners thinking they are simply a normal part of dog ownership. However, it could be that one of more of the standard ingredients in your dogs food are the cause of the problem and by switching to a hypoallergenic complete food you could effectively remove these problems with the minimum of fuss.

Burgess Supadog Sensitive is a complete dog food for adult dogs made from the highest quality ingredients. Unlike other products within the range, Supadog Sensitive is free from wheat, maize, gluten, eggs, beef and dairy products (many of which can cause minor adverse reactions in dogs). British Lamb is the meat ingredient used (26%) within this product (chosen because it is lower in ash than other meats) and rice is the core carbohydrate, along with beet pulp which is proven to aid digestion.

*With any medical matters we would always recommend a visit to the vet*

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